About Me

My name is Joshua Haith and I'm a 15 year old artist from Nottinghamshire.


I have been selling my artwork since April 2019 and since that point, my artwork has been sold globally and I've been luckily enough to be invited to take part in things I thought unimaginable.

My first painting was of Ariana Grande, a photo from her Dangerous Woman album.


As soon as I posted the pictures on social media, I was immediately contacted for orders from friends and a few weeks later, I started to receive messages requesting orders from people far and wide on Instagram.


Since then, I have exhibited some of my portraits for sale in Meander and Mooch, an art gallery in Newark, who also invited me to take part in their exhibition of Pink Floyd.


I have sold my artwork in the UK, Spain and America, majority who found me on Instagram. I have had articles in papers, a quick appearance on ITV news, a book illustration offer, interviews, online magazine articles and many other great things.


I am a huge history fan (I paint lots of Tudors) so it is incredible for me to have a few of my portraits with TV historian and author Dan Jones.


I am now starting to work with the Tudor Legacies team, where I exhibit my Tudor portraits in tourist attractions around the UK.

I have always loved to be creative from a very young age and I love that I can include all my different interests and things that mean a lot to me in my artwork.

I offer many different sizes and my prices currently range from £30-£300. If you wish to order or buy a painting, please message me, thank you

Moving away from art, I have been home educated for the majority of my life, but I will be studying A levels very soon. My interests also include History and Theatre, which I intend to carry on with for a long time.